Tuesday, May 26, 2015

A Green Man

A Green Man - Jina Wallwork

The jealous man feels passion without the presence of a deeper love. Passion speaks with high volume and overwhelms any words she would choose to speak. Jealous, he doesn't explore her heart. love would encourage him to listen to the choices she has made. Love would guide him to understand her heart even though it would condemn his own. Jealousy is the act of holding another person close, because you place a greater value on your own needs. Passion asks that he ignores her sadness and enhance only his own desires. Love quietly whispers that it is time to let go.

Angels and Demons Exhibition

The Seated Demon - Jina Wallwork

A signed print of The Seated Demon, by Jina Wallwork, is included in the Angels and Demons exhibition. http://www.5blanks.com/mailart.php?page=66&lastS=61

5th - 21st  June 2015
Angels and Demons at Taubenturm beim Marienm├╝nster http://www.5blanks.com/
 Klosterberg, 86911 Die├čen am,Germany.

6x6 at Rochester Contemporary Art Center

The Waves - Jina Wallwork
The Waves by Jina Wallwork is included in the 6x6 exhibition. To see Jina's artwork on the Rochester Contemporary Art Center website visit
For a full list of participating artists visit

6th June -12th July 2015 (in gallery preview 1st -5th June 2015)
6x6x2015 at Rochester Contemporary Art Center
137 East Avenue, Rochester, NY 14604, United States.


Monday, May 18, 2015

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Monday, May 4, 2015

Grateful for the Moon

Grateful for the Moon - Jina Wallwork

Gratitude is like the moon. It lights up the darkness and allows you to see the gifts that are present in your life. If you're not appreciative then your life will seem empty when it is full beyond measure. Gratitude creates a perspective that can see beauty in the darkest of places. Every thank you I speak highlights a point of joy within my own existence. I am appreciative of all that gratitude has given me, because it has taught me to see with true clarity.

Friday, May 1, 2015

Art of Caring

Friendly Face - Jina Wallwork

A print of Friendly Face by Jina Wallwork is included in the Art of Caring Exhibition. For a full list of participating artist visit http://www.artofcaring.org.uk/ . This exhibition is a part of  Nursing's Got Talent, a range of celebrations to celebrate International Nurses Day, for more information visit http://www.kingston.ac.uk/events/item/1588/15-may-2015-nursing039s-got-talent/

12th May - 16th May 2015
Art of Caring at The Rose Theatre, the circle gallery space 
24-26 High Street, Kingston-upon-Thames, Surrey, KT1 1HL, United Kingdom.