Saturday, April 4, 2015

Moving On

Moving On - Jina Wallwork

I can step forward without hesitation. Time will not offer a reprieve from its constant motion. I consider the past and I try to comprehend why things didn't work out. I can't repair the past relationship, although I still find myself considering the different paths I could have taken. If I have learned from the experience then I will not repeat the same mistakes. I can step into the future only if I understand my own past. If I charge full steam ahead without thought or understanding then I will not greet a new future. Superficially it will seem new and different, however this will only be an illusion. As the surface is peeled away I will find myself struggling with the same problems. If I can't understand my own role within all that has occurred then I will continue with the same behaviors and this will lead to the same outcomes. When you don't learn from your personal history, your past and your future become almost identical.