Sunday, March 9, 2014

DDP Yoga

You may have already come across this inspirational video about Arthur. The yoga teacher that helped him to change his life was Diamond Dallas Page. DDP is a former pro wrestler who developed his own brand of Yoga. I do DDP Yoga almost everyday. I workout to his videos and for the rest of the day I have more energy and focus. I do these workouts because they make me feel good. DDP is a brilliant and funny entertainer, but he is also an inspirational speaker. When I met DDP I saw many people thanking him for DDP Yoga. They would share their stories of weight loss and recovery from injury. 
Its Me, Its Me and DDP

On Saturday I had the opportunity to workout with DDP. After the workout I wanted to get a photo of me and DDP doing the 'Balancing Leg Lift'. Its a move I'm comfortable with, but it was a different environment and I knew there was a possibility that I could fall over in front of DDP and a room full of people. I thought to myself, if I fall I will look back and laugh. If I don't fall I will have a memento of a great day, but if I don't ask him for the photo I'll regret it. 

I know that in this blog post I have strayed away from my usual posts about my artwork, but I want to say thank you to DDP. I value DDP Yoga and I want to share it with others.