Thursday, November 7, 2013

A Remote Mountain

A Remote Mountain - Jina Wallwork
It is often difficult to understand your loved ones. When you choose a difficult road you expect them to stand by your side. You want them to show encouragement and support. As the obstacles become greater you sense that you are alone. It may seem as though the connection between you isn't strong enough; their love too shallow to watch over your endeavors. It is so easy to misunderstand the size of another person’s love. If you share your journey then you reveal every pain and sorrow. They want to stand close as you struggle through every failure, but it becomes too painful to watch. They attempt to steer you in another direction, because they want your life to be easier and they want to see you smile. They share your struggle, because they love you. They cry at your sadness and feel your frustration while hiding their worries from your heavy heart. There is no path they will not travel, because you are bound together. When you understand this, you can stand on a remote mountain and still feel the presence of your most profound connections.

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