Wednesday, June 5, 2013

I'm So Green

I'm So Green - Jina Wallwork
My naivety delivers each dream. It allows the impossible to form within my mind. My ideas are not suffocated by past experience. I have not defined my reality with perceived restrictions. I love my beautiful naivety, because it encourages me to step forward and explore, while others hold back. They speak of how the world is and with each word they define their own truth. I look at the world with a smile, because I don’t know what’s possible and what isn't. I don’t need any guarantees for the decisions I make. People say that, ‘it can’t work’, ‘it’s stupid’ or ‘it’s impossible’. I watch each word mutate within the air and when they land on my ears they tell me, ‘it’s going to be difficult’. I’m not looking for comfort and security; I’m not looking for the easy road. I want to live and I want to know that I have tasted as much life as I possibly can. I’m happy to be the naive fool chasing impossible dreams; I’m happy to be so green.