Thursday, April 11, 2013

The Claws of a Mountain

The Claws of a Mountain - Jina Wallwork

There are some challenges that invite our presence. We are tempted by the view from the peak of the mountain. It exists within our imagination and we seek the dream. As we begin the climb our hands grip firmly into the rock face, while we focus on the result of the climb.

The claws of the mountain scratch our skin and our muscles ache from the constant effort. Focusing on an imagined dream is not enough to sustain the momentum needed for this difficult journey. Many fantasies are discarded as the climber returns to the foot of the mountain.

The person who focuses on a dream will not attain great heights. It is the climber that will always travel the furthest. They continue despite all the scratches, you could imagine that they continue out of dedication to a final result. Instead, they persist because it is who they are; it is what they do. Outcomes are irrelevant because this is their life. The peak of the mountain is out of focus, because the climber is concentrating on the next piece of rock. They do not imagine the sights visible from the peak, because they are watching the view alter with every step. They do not wish to know the outcome; they want to know the mountain.