Friday, March 29, 2013


Connections - Jina Wallwork

All those friends that have come and gone, I have loved them all. There have been times when we faced the same lesson, and it guided us to share part of our journey. Those connections have changed over the years. Some were severed abruptly. Some threads were cut by death, others divided by arguments and conflict. Those were the friends I loved but didn't understand.

Other friendships gradually faded away. The threads that connected us stretched with the distance, they became strained and inflexible. The days do not contain enough hours to accommodate the presence of all those I have loved.  I cannot carry them along my path, because I know that we are travelling in different directions. It would be selfish to ask them to make space for me and my personal journey. I grieve that they are no longer part of my life. That feeling of loss and sadness, it reminds me that all is not lost. They are here within my memories. They are not physically at my side, but they are a part of me. 

Connections is one of the images from Sketchbook 2012 which is currently touring as part of the sketchbook project visit for more information. 

Exhibiting at the Creative Arts Gallery

Dance - Jina Wallwork

Dance by Jina Wallwork is exhibiting at Creative Arts Gallery. This is a group exhibition of artwork on the theme of music. The exhibition has been organized by CASK Creative Arts of Shell Knob.

5th April 2013
'Music' at Creative Arts Gallery
Bridgeway Plaza, Highway 39, Shell Knob, Missouri, United States

Tuesday, March 19, 2013


I - Jina Wallwork

Give me your eyes. I want to see life from your perspective, because I wish to understand you more completely. I want to feel your desires and assist you in your search for happiness. I want to know how you see the world. Tell me everything, and I will walk through the landscape of your mind and discover your reality. I want to hear your problems and search for solutions. I want to be a part of your inner world; I want to be a part of you.

I have your eyes. I know what you feel and everything you desire. I am lost within your inner world, isolated from my own perspective. My needs have been replaced by your own. I asked you to share your world, but you didn't make the same request. My world is camouflaged with silence. Between us there is not a true connection, because I have not retained all the pieces of my personality. I desire the space to be myself. This isn't something I should have to sacrifice. 

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Exhibiting at Colorado Mesa University Part 2

For part 1 click here
The Folds of a Rainbow - Jina Wallwork

The Folds of a Rainbow by Jina Wallwork is included in the book 4x6/6x4. The book was created to accompany the group exhibition at Colarado Mesa University. Jina is on page 8.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Exhibiting at Eden Court

Childhood - Jina Wallwork

This is a group exhibition to raise money for Camille's Appeal, the children's brain tumour charity. The drawing Childhood by Jina Wallwork is included in the exhibition. Click the following link to view or purchase 

1st – 30th April 2013.
'Childhood Explored' at Eden Court Bishop’s Road, Inverness IV3 5SA Scotland

Friday, March 8, 2013

Carried by the Wind

Carried by the Wind - Jina Wallwork 

We cannot control everything. The plans we make can always be disrupted. We can prepare the soil with care and take many preparations but as we scatter the seeds across the ground, they can easily be blown off course. Carried by the wind, they may travel beyond our care. Hard work and dedication can sometimes lead to nothing. You cannot rely on a single seed to grow tall and bear fruit; do not gamble on the success of a single project. Create many avenues; plant many seeds. Some will fail and others will succeed, but it is a process that will always leads to a harvest.