Thursday, February 28, 2013


Dance - Jina Wallwork

They spin and twirl. Their spiral dance flows with a delicate elegance that is beyond my reach. My eyes follow each movement, yet my feet cannot follow. I clunk and stomp without beauty and grace. My feet follow a different path. I am surrounded by wonder, as I view its magnificence I know that I do not belong. This cannot be my song; I cannot dance.

I listen to the beat within me and I allow it to guide my movement, dictating the position of my feet. I must dance to my own rhythm without questioning the direction it is taking me. As the song gets louder I stomp, move and jump. I claim this song because I share its rhythm. There are many dancers that share this magnificent sound, existing as part of the same song. I have now found a place where I belong and I can now dance.  

Friday, February 22, 2013

A Friend

A Friend - Jina Wallwork

I can see you in the darkness and I can hear your voice. Forever walking beside me, your words glide towards my ears and grace me with your wisdom. You are my friend and I can feel your support push me forward. When I crumble and fall you tower above me, inspiring me to stand tall once more. You catch each teardrop in an attempt to understand all that I am. Without judgement, you listen to my words. Your presence is more than enough. You are a mountain of support. Each brick is built with love and respect. You accept me for who I am. You are my friend.  

Monday, February 18, 2013

Exhibiting Across the United States and Canada

The Green Lenses - Jina Wallwork

'Sketchbook 2012' by Jina Wallwork, will be touring the United States and Canada as part of The Sketchbook Project. A traveling collection of artists' sketchbooks. Once the tour is completed the sketchbook will remain in the permanent collection of the Brooklyn Art Library.

The sketchbook can be viewed in entirety at

The sketchbook includes the images The Green Lenses, Loose Ends , Within Your Hands ,  Abstracted Mind. Click on the links for writing on each pieceIt also includes The Maze, Holding Myself Together, Dry Eyes, The Sound of Sorrow, Tied Together and To Deceive. Images that are included in the book Broken

1st - 3rd March 2013
'The Sketchbook Project' at Brooklyn Art Library
103A N. 3rd street, Brooklyn, New York, United States 

8th-10th March 2013.
'The Sketchbook Project' at SXSW Co-Lab Project Space
613 Allen St, Austin, Texas, United States

15th – 17th March 2013
' The Sketchbook Project' at The Goat Farm Art Center
1200 Foster Street, Atlanta, GA 30318, United States

7th-9th June 2013
'The Sketchbook Project' at The Gladstone Hotel
1214 Queen St. W Toronto ON, Canada

12th-14th July
'The Sketchbook Project' at Hyde Park Art Center
5020 S. Cornell avenue, Chicago, Illinois, United States

19th – 21st July 2013
'The Sketchbook Project' at Cleaners at the Ace Hotel
1022 SW Stark St, Portland OR 97205 United States 

26th-28th July 2013
'The Sketchbook Project' at S.F Center for the Book
300 De Haro Street #334 San Francisco, CA 94103, United States

2nd-4th August 2013
'The Sketchbook Project' at Iam8bit
2147 W. Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, California, United States.

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Exhibiting at Colorado Mesa University

The Folds of a Rainbow - Jina Wallwork

The Folds of a Rainbow by Jina Wallwork is included in 6x4/4x6 at Colorado Mesa University. Proceeds from the exhibition will go towards the Art Department Endowment Fund

"The permanent endowment has been established to support of a variety of Art Department programs, including visiting artists, exhibitions, equipment purchases, and other events or items that directly support student education."-Statement from Colorado Mesa University.

18th Feb 2013- 8th March 2013
'4x6/6x4' at Colorado Mesa University
1100 North Avenue, Grand Junction, CO 81501, United States. 

Monday, February 11, 2013


Childhood - Jina Wallwork

My childhood drawings contained simplicity. I wonder if I appreciated the complexity that surrounded me. Was I simplifying a world in order to understand it? My perception has been evolving, discarding some aspects during the process. That unique perspective is now lost. There are instances when only a child can understand. When they teach I will listen.

Monday, February 4, 2013

The Skin of a White Elephant

The Skin of a White Elephant - Jina Wallwork

The world cannot define your worth. As they glance at your behavior, they are blind to your true value. The past should not define your potential because tomorrow is a new day, another chance to learn new skills and display those you have previously acquired. Some people may never see your value, fooled by a casual glance they may never understand who you are. Don’t let their words penetrate your skin; don’t let their perception become your own. Everyone has a gift that is unique and individual to them. Trust that you are important. Don’t expect others to see your value because you must see it first.