Thursday, December 27, 2012


Peaches - Claude Monet

Monet's style captures this fruit brilliantly. They appear soft and he has captured the texture of the peach. I am reminded of the taste and I can almost salivate. They are realistic, yet they are depicted in a manner that celebrates what is wonderful about peaches. The softness within the image tells us that the fruit is ripe. We have fallen into the illusion Monet has created, without photo-realism he has made us salivate for the peach. This is one of my favorite images by Monet. 

As a child I once bit into a peach, only to find a large insect crawling inside. I dropped the peach and was a little upset. I didn't eat peaches for a while afterwards. Then later I began to eat peaches again, because one bad experience should never stop you from experiencing the sweetness of life.