Sunday, December 16, 2012

Friendly Face

Friendly Face - Jina Wallwork

A smile delivers an invitation, welcoming your presence. In a room full of people we will always gravitate towards a smile. It creates a feeling of security which repels any feeling of awkwardness. It tells us that we are safe and understood. A friendly face creates new bonds, while also strengthening those relationships which have already formed.

When we travel through dark days, we lose our smile. Tears strip away our friendly face. We watch the fish traveling through the rivers of sorrow we have created, watching the river expand with every teardrop. With a face full of pain, our face is no longer inviting. But all is not lost, because we are surrounded by true friends who see more than the expression on our face. They see beyond the sorrow and the pain, walking through all the barriers that we have created. They do not walk away because they recognize that we are in need of a friend. A smile will invite everyone; however our tears will only request the presence of our true friends. They arrive with a friendly face, offering us support and understanding.