Friday, November 30, 2012

Thunder Wind by Marcia Baldwin

Thunder Wind- Marcia Baldwin

Baldwin has manged to give the horse emotion. The face is expressive revealing a slight melancholy or empathy, without compromising the realistic features. It gives the horse a complex inner world that we are incapable of fully understanding. It is difficult to comprehend the emotions associated with being a horse. Is sadness or joy different, when experienced by an animal? When I view this painting it makes me consider these questions.

The image is beautifully depicted, with such an amazing array of color. It is sometimes difficult to place blue and red within the same image. These colors can become harsh as they compete for dominance. However Baldwin's use of light has allowed them to harmonize. The light and dark within the image controls the color and creates a bold composition. The horse and the surrounding area are painted in the same manner, long elegant brushstrokes. The horse is realistic yet it extends to every corner of the image because the colors of the horse are extended into the sky. The name Thunder Wind seems very appropriate, for a horse that connects with the skies around him.

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