Friday, October 26, 2012

Paul Cornoyer in Madison Square

Afternoon Madison Square 1910 - Paul Cornoyer

Changes in the weather can completely alter the appearance of a place. In these three images, by Paul Cornoyer, we can see massive differences in the depictions of Madison Square. At times, our connection to a place alters, we feel different emotions and those emotions alter our perception. During good times, the place you call 'home' will be the most beautiful place in the world. When you are sorrowful, 'home' seems to be an ugly place. I look at these paintings and I struggle to separate Cornoyer's emotional perception from the changes of the weather. The painting of a sunny day seems to be a happier image, than the grey skies of Afternoon Madison Square. So many changes within each image, I question whether he painted the weather to match his feelings. He does make Madison Square look beautiful in all weathers, although I see more than a location within these paintings. I see a painter changing with the world around him and he seems to be in sync with his own environment.

Madison Square After the Rain 1900 - Paul Cornoyer

Madison Square on a Sunny Day - Paul Cornoyer