Monday, October 8, 2012

Jesters and Eduardo Zamacois y Zabala

Jesters playing “Cochonnet” by Eduardo Zamacois y Zabala

This painting contains a wonderful array of color and pattern. It immediately captures your gaze and then creates stories within your mind. As these jesters take a break, their faces reveal seriousness. Eduardo Zamacois y Zabala could have painted them in other ways. The only reference to their occupation is the clothes they wear, because they are not performing for the audience. As I view this painting I become a member of the audience, yet there is no show. The greatest performers must, at some point, cease in their pretense. The entertainer's paraphernalia rests unused.

Then I think of the composition of this painting. The various heights of the jesters are used to great effect. The painting is wonderfully staged. Perhaps the jesters never did find that moment to cease performing, as they posed for the painter, as they were directed to stand in specific positions and asked to relax. In asking them to cease the pretense, did he merely ask for a change in the performance? 

The image is amazing and is produced with a high level of skill and beauty. I also enjoy this contradiction within storytelling, which captures my mind along with my gaze.