Monday, September 17, 2012

The Best of Vincent Van Gogh

'Field with Poppies' by Vincent Van Gogh

There is little excitement within the subject matter. A photo of this location would not fill me with intrigue, it is Van Gogh's vision of a subject that creates the interest. To paint the mundane and make it brilliant, it is a gift that Van Gogh possessed. Such a unique vision of the world around him, it must have been difficult for others to understand him. I question if we will ever fully enter his world; is it something we would choose to do? Van Gogh's world features a large amount of suffering, yet this is difficult to see within these paintings. Do his images reveal the best of his inner world?  Do they reflect moments where this passionate and volatile man became calm? Those few moments where he could express himself, unclouded by aggression and torment. I believe that Van Gogh needed painting, as much as painting needed Van Gogh. My favorite pieces by Van Gogh are those where he seems to locate a sense of peace, even just for a moment. Only two are within this post, but there are many other images that achieve this. Within them the entire canvas manages to harmonize and you feel the sense of an artist at peace. Van Gogh's sense of peace is still vibrant and exciting, because your experience of peace is reflective of your personal nature. I look at these images and I see moments where Van Gogh achieved the emotional balance that he struggled to maintain.  

'Tree Trunk in the Grass' by Vincent Van Gogh