Monday, September 24, 2012

Planning A Masterpiece

 'The Lament for Icarus' by Herbert James Draper 

There is something wonderful about having access to preliminary drawings. It allows you to view the artistic process, glimpsing the mind of the artist. Below is Draper's study for Icarus, the preliminary sketch is so beautiful, it makes it easy to see why the finished piece is so wonderful. The storytelling is blatant and the image is stunning.The piece is constructed through methodical planning. 

A study for Icarus by Herbert James Draper

Some artists enjoy the accidental aspects of intuitively working through a piece. Some artists believe that planning is far more appropriate for realistic images. However, this is not true, when Pablo Picasso painted 'Les Demoiselles d'Avignon' he created a large number of preliminary drawings. 

I am fascinated by the process of each artist. Pablo Picasso and Herbert James Draper, share a methodical approach and yet their objectives and styles are so very different. Each is taking care of the detail before the complete picture can be seen. There is a surprising commonality between each artist, they have a process where the complete image can be perceived within their mind before they approach the canvas. There are so many different approaches and I wouldn't suggest one over another, but it is interesting to see which method works best for each individual.