Thursday, August 30, 2012

Those Who Have Gone Before

'Those Who Have Gone Before' by Jina Wallwork

As the leaf grows does it remember those who have gone before? Does it think of the leaves that have fallen long ago? Is it stronger and wiser, because it is alive in this moment? The greater the length of our history, the more teachers we have to learn from. Like the leaf, I am lucky to be growing on this beautiful family tree. Humanity is my global family and we are all blessed to be leaves on the tree, growing side by side.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Autumn Evening by Ferdinand Hodler

'Autumn Evening' by Ferdinand Hodler

The beautiful colors that accompany the cold of the autumn. I have always taken such pleasure, in seeing these colors. Nature always reveals a beautiful color balance. Hodler has captured the beauty of fallen leaves. He reveals the magic of the season in this amazing piece. A delicate set of lines creates the structure of the trees. The sky compliments the colors within the leaves, highlighting the yellow above the orange and red. I almost feel excited for the cold, after being reminded of the beauty of the upcoming season. As I wrap myself up, walking through the cold I will gaze at these colors. 

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Louis XIV by Giovanni Lorenzo Bernini

'Louis XIV' by Giovanni Lorenzo Bernini
also spelled Gian Lorenzo Bernini or Gianlorenzo Bernini) 

I love the sculpted drapery. I can see material, even though this is clearly marble. I feel so easily fooled by the illusion and yet, I wouldn't have it any other way. The material is so skillfully depicted and I feel invited to touch. What a wonderful skill to give stone the appearance of fabric, flesh or hair. The hair in this sculpture seems stylized, it must be very difficult to carve hair. How could you carve a single strand of hair. Even when the hair is group together, it can not be clearly represented because hair is never so perfectly structured. I ask myself if this is a limitation of stone, even for the greatest of artists. The hair on this sculpture seems to compliment the drapery, in its curves and form. The face is framed with the intense detail and it gives the piece complexity. The face is not lost, instead it is enhanced because your eyes are guided to that area. The simple structure makes the face stand in contrast, to the rest of the sculpture. Louis XIV sat for hours while this was being created and believe it was time well spent. I would love to have seen this sculpture slowly take form, in the hands of the artist.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Exhibiting at the Grace Albrecht Gallery

'Loose Ends' by Jina Wallwork

The Grace Albrecht Gallery is a part of Bluffton University in Ohio. This is an exhibition of postcard sized work and all proceeds will be going to a local charity, Special Kids Therapy in Findlay. They provide services to children with physical, mental and emotional challenges. The artwork, 'Loose Ends' by Jina Wallwork will be included in the exhibition.

25th August 2012 - 23rd September 2012
'4by6 and 6by4' at Grace Albrecht Gallery
Sauder Fine Arts Center, Bluffton University, 1 University Place, Bluffton Ohio 45817, United States.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Abstracted Mind

'Abstracted Mind' by Jina Wallwork

It doesn’t share the appearance of my mind. I feel as though I understand my own thoughts, yet I am asked to believe something different. I am expected to repeat another’s words, until they become habit. Is it enough to live life, in accordance with the words that others ask you to speak?  I cannot pretend. If I did I would never fully understand my own actions, because they would be far removed from who I really am. I have explained my mind in complete detail. There is little room for another to complete the picture, as they choose to see it. My mind is clear, yet I am still being asked to think differently. I am being asked to change for another and they cannot see the casual insult within the request. Asking my mind to become distorted and deformed into something completely different. To become something they believe is more appropriate, given the circumstances. To fake beliefs that would be more comfortable for those around me. To be given another’s thoughts and asked to conform. I have no desire to replicate another’s mind. I enjoy hearing the thoughts of those around me, but I have my own mind. I do not require another.  

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Man, Controller of the Universe by Diego Rivera

'Man, Controller of the Universe or Man in the Time Machine' by Diego Rivera

This mural by Diego Rivera is stunning. It contains symbolism, storytelling and includes his strong political ideology. If you click on the image for a closer look, you can find a flattering portrait of Lenin within the mural. He appears to be holding the hands of men together, uniting them. I appreciate how the political beliefs held by Rivera belonged to a particular point in history. This anchors the image to a specific point in time. This mural contains the views of a passionate, opinionated man. These views were often controversial, yet they are beautifully captured within his work. You can enjoy the structure and composition or you can navigate through his complex set of beliefs, values and ideas. He speaks in a strong and potent visual language, yet the visuals can be enjoyed without the depth behind them. Although, I do find the political symbols fascinating. I feel the pleasure of wandering through a unique mind that is different to my own. 

Ernest Halberstadt was an assistant to Diego Rivera, in the video below he talks of Rivera's approach to creating murals. It contains some interesting information on his process.
Click here to view the video on the SFMOMA website

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Within Your Hands

'Within Your Hands' by Jina Wallwork

I talk to her of the obstacles that I face, talking of changes that would ease some of these problems. I imagine that it would be easier if my purse was fatter. In frustration, I form a fist and my complaint becomes greater in detail. She looks at me with kindness and places her hands over my knuckles. I can feel her warm gentle touch as she asks, ‘what is within your hands?’ In that moment, I think only of all the things I can control. As I speak of each of them, I realize the full length of the list. There is so much within these hands. As she speaks I can feel the burden growing lighter.  She tells me that my focus should only be placed, on the things that I can control. Everything else is a burden that I carry only within my mind. At any moment I can let go.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Mobius Ship by Tim Hawkinson

'Mobius Ship' by Tim Hawkinson
Photo credit: Robin Davis, distributed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license 

The idea for the sculpture comes from combining two different ideas, as the video below explains. The ideas do not command my attention. The object is stunning and I find that it speaks to the ideas within me, regardless of its intellectual origins. I feel as though I must hold myself back, from applying a meaning to the piece that was not intended. Although I feel that the loaded symbolism would speak to any audience. It is a beautiful design and wonderfully constructed. In creating this piece I wonder where he began. I feel intrigued by the object and pushed to explore it further. 
Click here to view the video on youtube

Friday, August 3, 2012

The Art of Casper David Friedrich

 'The Oak Tree in the Snow' by Casper David Friedrich

The detailed and complex structure contrasts with the limited color palette. There is a sharp contrast between the light and dark. I question why he chose to paint this tree above all others? Its structure seems almost inverted because at the base it is thick with branches, where as the top of the tree appears to be severed and damaged. Does it hint of an emotional upheaval? Friedrich talked of painting what is within, therefore he recognizes that this piece reflects parts of his personality.
 "The artist should paint not only what he sees before him, but also what he sees within him. If, however, he sees nothing within him, then he should also refrain from painting that which he sees before him. Otherwise, his pictures will be like those folding screens behind which one expects to find only the sick or the dead."-Casper David Friedrich
This tree stands in isolation. It would be a cold journey before you could touch its branches. The location is uninviting and yet the sky is beautiful. The blue creates a calm environment, pleasant yet unapproachable. Is this what was within him? I look at the image and I marvel at its brilliance, even though it talks of sadness and isolation. It is such a detailed image, where he has spent hours capturing this emotion. Part of me wants to travel through the snow and spend time within his world. Although, I know that the cold would eventually be too much and I would need to walk away. 

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Papergirl Calgary

'I Will Fly Away' by Jina Wallwork

'I Will Fly Away' by Jina Wallwork, is included in Papergirl Calgary. The Papergirl concept originated in Berlin. It consists of an exhibition and then the work is distributed through U.S. style papergirls and paperboys. Below is a CBC interview, where Alex Lingnau explains the project. If you are viewing this post in a feed-reader, you may have to view the original post to access the audio.

8th August 2012 – 17th August 2012
'Papergirl Calgary' at EPCOR CENTRE for the Performing Arts
 (in the Arts Learning Centre)
205 - 8th Avenue SE Calgary, Alberta T2G 0K9, Canada.

Papergirl Calgary 2012 Promo's

Click here to view the video on youtube

Click here to view the video on youtube