Monday, July 23, 2012

The Brushstrokes of Vincent Van Gogh

'Plain Near Auvers' by Vincent Van Gogh

Van Gogh probably has the most distinct and recognizable brush strokes. It becomes easy to recognize his work by what is such a small movement. Even the imitators have to learn the mannerisms in the brushstroke rather than attempting to replicate the structure of a piece. Van Gogh manged to make a distinctive brushstroke that was completely his own. A short sharp movement creates these brushstrokes and it is a slow, precise way of working. It is an obsessive, time consuming process. The images contain so much energy and focus. There is devotion within his pieces. They contain one mans inability to cease in the act of creation. They contain originality and passion. Whenever a similar brushstroke is used, people will recognize Van Gogh's influence on the work. After all of these years he is tied to a gesture, Van Gogh has become his trademark brushstroke. He has full and total ownership, because we cannot separate the man from the mark.