Friday, June 29, 2012


'Listen' by Jina Wallwork

When they talk of the worst of you, listen to me. When they point out all of your flaws and expect them to be acknowledged, listen to me. As they criticize all that you are, turn your back on their words. When surrounded by darkness, let my words cut through the sorrow. Listen to me because I love you. It is through love that I see your greatness and your humanity. See yourself through loving eyes.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

The Lost Song

'The Lost Song' by Jina Wallwork

The music is tied in knots. Locked within a piece of sheet music, it will only find freedom when it is performed. The song could contain emotion and experience. Once heard it could remind you that you are not alone in the journey you face. Your experience can be understood because another has also travelled this road. The song may contain empathy that will be valuable to the listener. If the performer does not play their music, the song could be lost forever.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Self III

'Self III' by Jina Wallwork

My old friend, she tells me that I have changed. Does she believe that my personality has been captured by death and is now lost forever. As I look at myself in the mirror, I can see myself through her eyes. I do not recognize my reflection. I am not changing; I am returning to who I really am. Can I separate my perception from hers? I would have liked to have remained friends but as I look through her eyes, I know that I have no desire to become the person she believes me to be. I am confronting the false self that exists only within her vision. I am not angry or disappointed. I wanted to find space for who I really am. I know now, that I was looking in the wrong places. It feels good to breathe. I have been trapped behind a label and squashed within a box and now all I want to do is stretch.

I didn’t realize I would reach a point in life when freedom of expression would be so important to me. I did not realize how much, I had denied myself the opportunity. I thought there could be times of laughter but also moments of seriousness. I didn’t realize the confusion it creates when you move between the two. They could not see that I was anything more, than the joker I had become. I had become as two dimensional as the joker card within the deck, and they could see nothing beyond it. I had enjoyed seeing them laugh and smile, but the price has been very high. She tells me that I should stop pretending and be myself. It is exactly what I am doing. She cannot understand that I am refusing to conform to her perception. I discard the person she believes me to be. I do not recognize myself within her eyes.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Papergirl Zagreb

'Policeman in a Bottle' by Jina Wallwork

'Policeman in a Bottle' by Jina Wallwork, is included in Papergirl Zagreb. The Papergirl concept originated in Berlin. It consists of an exhibition and then the work is distributed through U.S. style papergirls and paperboys. The exhibition is being held across three venues.

'Papergirl Zagreb' at (3 locations)
 20th – 28th June 2012 BIC - Info Centar, Tomašićeva 10 Zagreb, Croatia. 
22nd June 2012 Pogon Jedinstvo Mala dvorana Trnjanski nasip bb, Zagreb, Croatia. 
1st – 31st July 2012. Knjižnica Vladimira Nazora Kustošija Ilica 312a. Zagreb, Croatia. 

Monday, June 18, 2012


'Oracle' by Jina Wallwork

If we could see our lessons before we come to face them, we would avoid heartache and sorrow. We should not avoid them because they aid our growth. They are a collection of valuable experiences that we cannot do without. Sometimes others can see our future problems before they arise. They see the warning signs with great clarity. Out of concern they make recommendations and they highlight a path that avoids trauma and disappointment. You will not hear their words. This is not due to stubbornness or ignorance. You do not listen because you are approaching lessons that are perfectly tailored to who you are as an individual. Why deny yourself an experience that will increase your understanding of yourself and the world around you? So you leap into problems that others may have avoided. These lessons belong to you and that is why you are blind to the gathering storm. The greatest oracle may perceive all of your lessons but they will always be blind to their own. We all are.  

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Papergirl Dublin

'Natural Self' by Jina Wallwork

'Natural Self' by Jina Wallwork, is included in Papergirl Dublin. The Papergirl concept originated in Berlin. It consists of an exhibition and then the work is distributed through U.S. style papergirls and paperboys. 

21st June 2012
'Papergirl Dublin' at Supafast Building
6 Great Strand Street, (off Capel St, around the corner from Pantibar) dublin, Ireland

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Sun

'The Sun' by Jina Wallwork

You are here for me. Both today and tomorrow, you light up my world. You make life possible and I wonder if I ever stop to appreciate all that you are. As I approach this life, do I forget to be grateful for every aspect? Do I cease to acknowledge the sun and the earth as being more than pieces of the everyday? How much of life's beauty have I dismissed as an everyday occurrence?