Wednesday, May 9, 2012

The Trap

'The Trap' by Jina Wallwork

She can feel my love for her. I can see it bleed through our friendship. I used to believe it was poisoning the connection. I now have a greater understanding of its influence. I can now see that she is trying to protect me. She knows this friendship is a trap. I will be contained within my feelings, yet I will never be offered a full avenue in which to express them. I would be trapped within a friendship that will never give me any satisfaction or comfort. I would be forever waiting, filled with a misguided sense of hope and tortured by my own fantasies. I would never able to see anything beyond her, chained to a false future that never becomes tangible flesh. She pushes me away and I fool myself into believing that this friendship has turned into ashes, right before my eyes. Instead, it is a pure gold friendship filled with strength. I will never again hear her speak or see her face. The distance grows larger each day. As I face the future, she will forever sit comfortably within my thoughts as the greatest friend I have ever had.