Thursday, March 15, 2012


'Tears' by Jina Wallwork

Tears, you betray me. You reveal all that I am trying to hide. I do not desire to be weakened by allowing others to see the pain that I am going through. I am struggling to believe that revealing my emotions will help this situation. As I feel your water grace my cheek, I wonder if it is because you believe in the people around me. I struggle to understand why they need to know. I ignore the words that are stuck within my throat and they become replaced with tears. Each contains a million words that I could not speak.

You are the greatest of betrayers, fighting to be seen as I constantly try to hide you. Arriving at the worst of times, you are the attention seeker for my sorrow. I struggle to believe that you come to my aid, perhaps this is because I lack faith in the assistance of others. Are you here because some things cannot be tackled alone? Are you assisting me in a request for help? I do not expect it to arrive or I would have been able to ask in words, instead of tears. Is it the wisdom of tears to believe in others to come to your aid? To summon their assistance when you believe that hope is gone.