Friday, March 30, 2012

Love and Tears

'Love and Tears' by Jina Wallwork

Welcome to life. There will be times when you will believe that this experience belongs to you alone. You will question your suffering and you will ask why it is yours to bear. You will feel singled out and you will believe that no other will ever understand how this feels. Everyone will seem blessed, as you struggle through your difficulties. They will seem untouched by lost loves and disappointment. You are welcome to hide your difficulties, it is a common reaction. You are encouraged to imagine that this experience belongs to you alone. You are guided to believe that your feelings are somehow different. Imagine that you are unique in your love. This is good way to accept such a beautiful gift. Life will always involve love and tears. It is a part of being human. 

Monday, March 26, 2012

Papergirl Birmingham

'Divided' by Jina Wallwork

The piece 'Divided' will be exhibited as a part of 'Papergirl Birmingham'.  The Papergirl concept originated in Berlin. It consists of an exhibition and then the work is distributed through U.S. style papergirls and paperboys. For a list of some of the exhibitors visit 

Below is a video from the recent 'Papergirl Brisbane' exhibition. The Brisbane exhibition included the piece 'The Swimmer' by Jina Wallwork.

Papergirl Brisbane 2012: The Art of Giving from Telling Life on Vimeo.

2nd April 2012 - 27th April 2012
'Papergirl Birmingham' at 48Sheet
The Mailbox, Wharfside st, Birmingham, B1 1XL, United Kingdom.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Vanishing Act

'The Vanishing Act' by Jina Wallwork

She looks at him and she only recognizes the shape of his face. He has become a puzzle whose final picture is abstract in nature. He tried so hard to be the man that she could love and it resulted in his true nature being forgotten. He knows that he will find it once again in solitude. Loneliness appeared to be so terrible, that the compromises appeared to be a small price to pay. At first he didn't notice the changes, as he focused on making the relationship work. Now he can focus on nothing else.

She complains of the sudden dissatisfaction and questions if anyone else is involved. The change is shocking and she struggles to understand his reasons. She highlights how they can move forward together and without realizing, she mentions another set of compromises that he will have to make. He looks towards all of the pieces of himself that were removed, in order to make this relationship work. He has been filled with a sense of loss, but it was a longtime before he could pinpoint exactly what was missing. As he looks at the space within himself, he knows. There were so many things she didn't like and out of love he wanted to please her. Now there isn't enough of him left. There is nothing left to give. He has been vanishing for a long time and now he is leaving.

Thursday, March 15, 2012


'Tears' by Jina Wallwork

Tears, you betray me. You reveal all that I am trying to hide. I do not desire to be weakened by allowing others to see the pain that I am going through. I am struggling to believe that revealing my emotions will help this situation. As I feel your water grace my cheek, I wonder if it is because you believe in the people around me. I struggle to understand why they need to know. I ignore the words that are stuck within my throat and they become replaced with tears. Each contains a million words that I could not speak.

You are the greatest of betrayers, fighting to be seen as I constantly try to hide you. Arriving at the worst of times, you are the attention seeker for my sorrow. I struggle to believe that you come to my aid, perhaps this is because I lack faith in the assistance of others. Are you here because some things cannot be tackled alone? Are you assisting me in a request for help? I do not expect it to arrive or I would have been able to ask in words, instead of tears. Is it the wisdom of tears to believe in others to come to your aid? To summon their assistance when you believe that hope is gone. 

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Day 22

'Day 22' by Jina Wallwork

I'm searching my memory for a day. I have analyzed her cruel words in an attempt to understand where they came from. I search for a day, when I may have assisted in their creation. What did I say? What did I do? I beg the past for answers and it merely increases my collection of regrets. There is no blueprint within the past. Perhaps, it can only be found in her past. Do they lie within her unique perspective of those days? I cannot see the error of my ways. Did I have the role of a villain? I want to ask and I want to understand. I want to see the day I caused her sorrow.

I scramble through these events and my imagination runs wild. I need to stop looking in the past and live for the moment. As I look back I can see her through a lens of regret, and I find it difficult to let go. If I cease to look into the past I will lose her completely. It is only my regrets that keep her within this day. I am not ready for tomorrow. 

'27 Days' is a series of transient sculptures each representing a day. To find out more about the series click here