Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Art of Lourents Oybur

'Alien' by Lourents Oybur

Complexity and elegance is a feature of Oybur's work. The alien is a soft and smooth sculptural form. Every abstracted muscle is shaded to beautiful effect. The use of white creates highlights, that bring the piece to life. It is the white within the forground that holds the figure as the focal point. It captures the joy, within complex abstracted shapes.

'I Am On My Way' by Lourents Oybur

'I Am On My Way' reveals Oybur's complex visual language. It is almost like vieweing a persons individual dreamscape. It can't fully be understood by anyone other than the artist. The title reveals that the man on the steps is Oybur. Placed in the foreground of the image, he is given little prominance. The location highlights his small scale as he contemplates the next step. This painting speaks to me of fear. This is also highlighted by the spider rushing towards the viewer. The spider reminds me of both, fear and the creation of traps. The women appears out of reach, with elements of a bird her wings are outstretched. The piece reveals Oybur's vulnerability. I wonder if the piece speaks to me because I share the same vulnerabilies. I can relate to the common story and emotion within the work.

The composition and design of each piece is amazing. Beautifully structured the images have depth, interest and complexity. I want to explore all the symbolism as I roam through Oybur's wonderful inner world.

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