Monday, January 16, 2012

Within the Belly of a Fish

'Within the Belly of a Fish' by Jina Wallwork

I am surrounded by flesh and bones. I imagine the outside world, yet I am consumed by fear. To escape would be a wonderful thing. To cut through the surrounding flesh and discover a new world. To stretch open the mouth of a fish and climb out of this prison. I sharpen my blade with every thought, and as I plan my escape I try to ignore my reflection within the waters. I imagine becoming a butterfly or a form that would allow me to walk upon the grass. I dream of many things, when I wake I know that I am trapped within the body of a fish.

I am a fish. Travelling through shallow waters, imaging what life would be if I did not think, feel and behave like a fish. For the moment, I have lost the joy of being who I am. I can see the world through the ripples of the water and it distorts my perception. The life of a butterfly looks so much easier than my own. Being a fish isn't easy. Perhaps I need to swim to the depths of who I am and discover what is special within the life that belongs to me. I need to rediscover the magic of being a fish. There are experiences that are only open to a fish. They consist of a range of joy and sorrow. If I accept who I am, maybe I will discover those experiences that bring me happiness and accept those that bring me sorrow. When times are hard I think it would be easier to be something other than a fish.

…. I am within the belly of a butterfly. Oh, to be a fish and swim through the ocean. Life must be so much easier and carefree.