Thursday, January 12, 2012

St Francis by Giovanni Bellini

'Saint Francis in the Desert' by Giovanni Bellini

It is necessary to view this painting in close proximity, in order to see the brushstrokes. It is a delicate image where the natural world is given a soft quality, through the creation of an untextured landscape. It is in-keeping with the subject matter, St Francis living in a spiritual world where nature is kind and beautiful. The expression on his face appears to capture awe. Perhaps a moment of prayer in which he feels amazed by the world around him, and can see god within that world. This soft uniform view of nature is beautifully depicted. There is a high degree of detail through the entire image and it adds greater significance to every leaf. St Francis is only a small aspect of the natural word depicted in the painting. It is a world depicted in a manner that resembles the stories associated with St Francis. The artists style correlates beautifully with the subject matter.

To view this painting close up using Google Art Project click here.