Monday, January 9, 2012

Qrt Show at Twin Oaks Gallery

The Qrt Show at the Twin Oaks Gallery has just recently come to an end. I was one of the artists participating and was lucky enough to be included in their list of featured artists for the show. The exhibition was a conceptual exhibition of QR codes, each containing artists portfolios. Gallery visitors were invited to scan the codes to view the work, and the gallery provided smart phones for them to do so. It blurred the line between a brick and mortar exhibition and an online gallery. Through a mental lapse I failed to mention this exhibition sooner and I apologize immensely.

8th December 2011 – 7th January 2012
'Qrt show' at Twin Oaks Gallery Art & Frame,
757 North Twin Oaks Valley Road San Marcos,
CA 92069, United States

 'Tree Loop' by Jina Wallwork

 'The Core of a Tree' by Jina Wallwork