Tuesday, January 17, 2012


'Divided' by Jina Wallwork

As you try to divide your character I attempt to see your complete nature. There are traits that you hide away. They do not see the light of day, as they are banished to the night. You have divided your personality in order to please others. You presume their requirements and behave accordingly. It makes me uncomfortable; I feel as though I interact with only a piece of you. I want to know who you really are. Do you have days where you dance around the house because you know that you cannot be seen? Do you have bad days where you kick equipment that does not work, or cry because the day has been overwhelming? I do not wish to see pretense and camouflage. There is no need to divide yourself into the pieces the world can see and what you desire to hide away. You are not under attack; you do not need to hide amongst the leaves.

There are times, when the space is available just to be who you are. Do not worry about my perception, it is broad and forgiving. Let go of the need to perform and just enjoy being you. Cease to place demands upon yourself. There is no need to divide your personality to fit every requirement. I'm sure that the different facets of your character are required,within a million different situations. I can see the needs of others being placed above your own. Stop, the person you require within this moment is amazing and that individual is you. Spend time with the complete you because you will be amazed of how special you are. This is what solitude asks of you. Solitude will observe the conversation you have with yourself. It will smile as it unfolds, and the energy of solitude will enjoy your process of self discovery. Spend time in solitude because you will discover your true voice within the silence.