Friday, January 13, 2012

Day 17

'Day 17' by Jina Wallwork

This day holds life together. It is a point of great significance. You can view the past and see aspects of the future. You cannot travel to any other point in time and perceive your life from another moment. You breathe within this day. Your heart thumps and you know the gift that you posses. This day is the center of what it means to be alive and it belongs to you. It contains unlimited potential. This is not an aspect of a moment; the potential is streaming from you and this day is your vehicle in which to express it. It is your chance to be yourself and nothing else. Who you are within this moment is what is needed in the world. Your true nature is valuable or this day would not require your heart to beat. Life needs your presence and it will not overwhelm you because you will travel through life, one day at a time.

'27 Days' is a series of transient sculptures each representing a day. To find out more about the series click here