Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Art of Law Wai Hin

'Birch Grove' by Law Wai Hin

There is elegance within these pieces. They have a soft delicate nature that is balanced by a strong composition and solid structures. In the piece 'Birch Grove' the blue of the river creates a vibrant and solid aspect to the composition. It is bold and dynamic and still my eyes are first guided to rest upon the mountains in the distance. This is because the color does not dominate even though it is striking. The Blue is balanced with the yellow in the foreground and the small use of black on the right hand side, anchors the colors and balances the picture. The picture is also balanced by the combination of vertical and horizontal elements. There is a grid based composition but each line is dynamic and bends to allow for interest, and the diffusion of what is a very structured composition. 

The piece 'The Heron' shows a greater degree of subtlety, the dominance of white creates a sense of peace and this is enhanced by the controlled use of color. The nature of the color white, makes it difficult to occupy a dominant position because it enhances every color by its side. White brings other colors to the foreground and yet Law Wai Hin has created a composition that holds them at bay. The structure of the white trees cuts through the bold green demanding the dominant position. The green is a very strong color, he has not attempted to lighten its shade to ease in the creation of the image. He makes structures so bold that the strength of the green is overpowered. 

These images are so beautiful and emit a sense of calm and serenity. This is created through the use of color and how the images are balanced. There isn't a hint of aggression or frustration, there is only calm.

'The Heron' by Law Wai Hin

The website of Law Wai Hin: http://lawwaihin.com/