Tuesday, November 8, 2011

The Universe Within the Turbine Hall

A proposal for the turbine hall exhibition space at the Tate Modern

The Turbine Hall is considered a large space and I would like to use that perception. I would do this by a representation of an entity that is of a larger scale. I would create a large sculpture of the universe within the space. My artistic practice is heavily influenced by my work as a spirit communicator, because of this I have created various diagrams of the universe which could be used to as a basis for a large sculpture. When I learned about the universe from spirit, it didn't feel like new knowledge. It was a process of remembering. I saw the universe from the outside and when I looked and observed, it felt incredibly familiar as though I had seen it many times before.

I was trying to understand the differing perspectives between the living and the dead. To do this I needed to know what they can see from where they are. Spirit communication isn't simply about receiving information. It is an act of establishing or continuing a connection with those who have passed. The only time spirit communication feels difficult is when you are giving a message to a family member, but their deceased loved one doesn't trust you. You are complete strangers and you are not the person they want to talk to. It is a much easier experience, when you are establishing a relationship over a long period of time. You then become more than an interpreter, you become a friend. The conversation becomes more smooth and comfortable. The deeper the friendship, the more you can understand.

The actual structure of the sculpture could be made in different ways. One method would be the use of light. The manifestation of the universe is created through its soul creating form. Light could represent the soul. Video projection would be symbolic of the origins of the universe while also allowing for how the universe moves. Just as the earth is in constant motion, so is the universe. Another possibility is to have the physical core of the universe created as a mechanical structure. As I explained in my book Death and Rebirth: The Complete Explanation, the physical aspect of the universe has the shape of a disc that is in constant motion, and this movement creates the illusion of a sphere. Either the disc or the sphere could be created. It would be impossible to create accurate movement for the disc. This is because the universe isn't constrained by time. The universe creates time within it, but time does not exist on the outside of its form. Without time the disc can spin in all directions at once; a state of both constancy and flux. Removing time changes many rules of what is possible and normal. For the purposes of this sculpture I think it would be best, to physically create a disc that is also a light source. When the disc moves the trail of light will begin to create the illusion of a sphere.

Having a representation of the universe in a large space would allow the viewer to reconnect to its enormity. It would create an awareness of our position and scale within this giant manifestation. It would be a space to contemplate existence as the true gift it is. It is a chance to consider our individual connection to the universe as we come face to face, while recognizing that we are always much closer because we are within the universe. Regardless of the materials used, the object would be constructed from parts of the universe. All objects are constructed this way, but using pieces of universe to create a replication of itself, is a concept that I'm interested in exploring. So many concepts could be explored with the project but it would also be an act of gratitude for everything the universe is.

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