Friday, October 14, 2011

Day 7

'Day 7' by Jina Wallwork

I can see the obstacle that you are facing. I faced it long ago and I can remember the frustration and annoyance. As I watch you, I can see the same emotions and I want to take them away. There was a day in which I overcame this problem. I wish I could give you that day. I try to explain how to surmount this obstacle. As I speak I can see my words scramble into an unknown language, as they travel towards your perception. You cannot understand the solution whether it is explained or not. Your frustration is heightened as I point towards a direction. I feel as though I am highlighting the path. I am beyond the obstacle and each time I try to help, I am merely emphasizing that fact.

I advise but I do not spend this moment solving your problem. We both know I could solve this within a single day. I know the process and I have already completed this task for myself. I must seem cold and heartless, as I stand back. What if I was to help, I could remove the obstruction and it would cease the struggle. However, I could be sending you down the wrong path. Instead of spending your days struggling to overcome the problem, you may spend them struggling to find a journey that is more suited.

We are walking the same path but this does not mean that we share a journey. I am where I belong and I know this because it was I who overcame my obstacles. My path is a reflection of who I am. Success does not belong to you solely because you desire it; you will find it when you express your skills and abilities; then you claim it through hard work and commitment. In removing your obstacles, I do not aid you; I throw your journey to the wind and I ask you to share mine. I will not help because I am your friend and I always will be. I want you to find a path that is reflective of who you are. I want it to fulfill all of your needs and I want you to know that you have claimed it for yourself.

You will always desire something different to what you have but it is a terrible reason to discard it. You have so much to appreciate on your wonderful journey. I think of this in order to restrain my actions. At this moment I know that you are struggling. On this day I know that I could offer assistance, it would ease the moment and cripple your future. On this day I let go.

'27 Days' is a series of transient sculptures each representing a day. To find out more about the series click here