Sunday, September 25, 2011

Day 2

'Day 2' by Jina Wallwork

I am filled with ideas for different projects. I try to imagine them at different stages and understand their feasibility. I consider all that is needed for them to fully manifest. The idea exists on this day and I question if it can become something more. It is occupying my thoughts but I also need to consider how much it will occupy my time. I look at this day and I divide the time within it. Every moment is precious. I begin to prioritize each project and divide the time accordingly. I do not wish to sacrifice the preciousness of time, to a project that cannot be completed. Does this idea belong only to this day or does it also belong to the future as a concept with substance? I do not prioritize based whether a task is easy or hard. The hardest of tasks is usually the most worthwhile and they fill you with pride once they are accomplished. I prioritize based on who I am and whether the project is a true expression of self. If it is, then completing the project will move me towards situations that are reflections of who I am. It guides me to where I need to be. Instead of guiding me to a future that I believe I would enjoy.

This idea I hold cannot go any further; it needs to remain only within this day. It will not take me to where I need to be. It falls away because I remain true to myself. I trust the days that will follow to be right for who I am, rather than a smaller expression of self. As soon as the idea is released, it is replaced with an idea that is a greater reflection of who I am.

'27 Days' is a series of transient sculptures each representing a day. To find out more about the series click here