Saturday, August 27, 2011

The Moon's Gravity

'The Moon's Gravity' by Jina Wallwork

I look for the moon in the night sky. It is a sign of comfort and normality. Whenever I look into the darkness my eyes wander in search of the moon. The pull of the moon is more than simply gravity. It both inspires and intrigues; it took many great minds to understand the moon. I imagine there were many beautiful questions about its nature. Then knowledge unfolded before us as a puzzle that had been tackled by many. I wonder how it feels to look at the moon, without the knowledge that we have received from the generations that have gone before. The regular presence of the moon evokes comfort, and the strange nature of the object pulls out the deepest of thoughts.

When you see the moon, you cannot see gravity. We know of the moon's gravitational pull and that knowledge changes our perception. All knowledge alters our perception of the world. It is as though we view existence through a new lens that allows the unseen to become visible. It is impossible to remove knowledge and view the moon through a gaze that belonged to earlier generations. When we see the moon we will always perceive its gravity and yet we can only view it through the knowledge we have received. Our sight hasn't evolved but our perception has been altered by our expanding knowledge.

'The Moon's Gravity 2' by Jina Wallwork