Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Art of Beata Goik

'Journey' by Beata Goik ('In Search of You' series)

The work of Beata Goik is beautiful. The image above contains her method of layering mixed media. It results in brilliant textures within the piece. These textures are then balanced by the soft colorings of the work. The use of color in this piece is subtle, to compliment the textured surface. There is knowledge of how to balance color and there is also a knowledge of how color harmonizes with different aspects of an image. 

'Silence' by Beata Goik ('Journey' series)

The image 'Silence' features a more prominent use of color. The  structures within the piece are less complex and this allows for bold colors that do not dominate. The use of color is still incredibly soft, even though an intense color is being used.