Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Abstract Dreaming

'Abstract Dreaming' by Jina Wallwork
(influenced by 'Sleeping Woman' 1935 by Tamara De Lempicka)

Everything is in fragments. There is no narrative and everything occurs without a logical flow. We dream with abstract thoughts and visuals; yet all seems normal within the moment of the dream. Surrounded by a world of surreal oddity, I am not daunted or confused. There is a constant within my dreams that contains normality. It is my feelings; they do not seem to differ in any way. The abstract image within the dream is reflective of something I already know. The abstract world has meaning and purpose and when I connect to the dream I also connect to its meaning. I do not consciously understand but my feelings interact with the dream, in the same way they interact with its meaning. Because feelings are constant and unchanging, even in an abstract world, everything seems normal. The constant within the dream, is the dreamer.