Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Expression Is Me

 'Expression Is Me' by Jina Wallwork

 When the musician expresses a composed note, it begins to shape itself in the vibrations. It is released into the world and creates a view of the composer. He exists within the music; his core and his soul are on display. He can be seen more clearly. The music that is created has its own vision. Music has a destiny and in many ways it shapes itself; revealing its path to those souls who connect. Music has a third eye and simply seeks those who will allow its energy to enter the world. It waits to be born. The sperm and egg unite and birth is found only through the expression of the composer. If he fears ridicule and embarrassment, he does not know his soul thoroughly enough to allow others to see it. He feels a fool, he has fear in his eyes and the clown make-up, seems impossible to remove. Everyone knows the time and effort he has spent, nurturing his craft. They see it as a hobby and a distraction. The clown make-up becomes thicker by the day, until there is a single moment of courage and bravery. He sings the notes that shape into his true self. It does not matter how they are heard. For a moment he sees his soul clearly, and realizes why his expression is a gift.

Abstract Dreaming

'Abstract Dreaming' by Jina Wallwork
(influenced by 'Sleeping Woman' 1935 by Tamara De Lempicka)

Everything is in fragments. There is no narrative and everything occurs without a logical flow. We dream with abstract thoughts and visuals; yet all seems normal within the moment of the dream. Surrounded by a world of surreal oddity, I am not daunted or confused. There is a constant within my dreams that contains normality. It is my feelings; they do not seem to differ in any way. The abstract image within the dream is reflective of something I already know. The abstract world has meaning and purpose and when I connect to the dream I also connect to its meaning. I do not consciously understand but my feelings interact with the dream, in the same way they interact with its meaning. Because feelings are constant and unchanging, even in an abstract world, everything seems normal. The constant within the dream, is the dreamer.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

The Finish Line

'The Finish Line' by Jina Wallwork

Pen and ink explore the page. They roam like travelers that do not wish to rest their feet. The pen is gliding across the surface of the paper. These gestural movements create structure and form. The object is not pre-constructed within the imagination. This is an organic process where the complete picture cannot be seen until the final line touches the paper. There is an instinct to how the image should be created. As each line enters the composition it alters the balance. More lines are added to create harmony within the piece. There are no rules; it is simply an act of knowing which is the finish line. To recognize when the piece is complete and in total balance.

Saturday, May 28, 2011


'Autopilot' by Jina Wallwork

I was feeling drawn to the painting 'Autoportrait' (Tamara in the Green Bogatti) by Tamara De Lempicka. I was drawn to the cool aloof characters in Tamara's work. They connected to a part of my character that wanted to be cool and aloof, but I wasn't. I was in love and trying desperately to hide my emotions. I began to paint my own version of Autoportrait; I wanted to capture that energy of bringing everything down to the superficial, where I wasn't in love and I could move on. Painting has never allowed me to hide my emotions. It has only ever forced me to face them head on. All my love and emotion burst through to the surface. I couldn't hide it and the cool aloof character within Tamara's work, was slowly overwhelmed by swirls of pinks and purples. While painting I kept asking myself over and over, 'why can't I just pretend that I don't feel this'. My emotions bled through to the canvas. The love and emotion both wraps around the figure and intersects her form. Tamara De Lempicka once said that all of her portraits were self portraits. In this representation of myself, is love wrapping around my skin or is it separating me into pieces. I'm trying desperately to stay in control. I feel that I own my emotions and I am driving this vehicle. Then I look at the finished piece and I can see that I am not in control. I am set to autopilot and every emotion is breaking through.

To see the original piece by Tamara De Lempicka visit the link below
Autoportrait (Tamara in the Green Bugatti) 1925

Monday, May 23, 2011

6x6x2011: Global at the Rochester Contemporary Art Center

The following pieces will be on show at the Rochester Contemporary Art Center, New York.

 'Atlantis' by Jina Wallwork
'Black and Blue' by Jina Wallwork
'Seascape' by Jina Wallwork
'In the Wind' by Jina Wallwork
 'Look to the Sky' by Jina Wallwork

1st June 2011 - 10th July 2011
'6x6x2011:Global' at Rochester Contemporary Art Center www.rochestercontemporary.org
www.roco6x6.org 137 East Avenue, Rochester, NY 14604, United States.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

The Art of Beata Goik

'Journey' by Beata Goik ('In Search of You' series)

The work of Beata Goik is beautiful. The image above contains her method of layering mixed media. It results in brilliant textures within the piece. These textures are then balanced by the soft colorings of the work. The use of color in this piece is subtle, to compliment the textured surface. There is knowledge of how to balance color and there is also a knowledge of how color harmonizes with different aspects of an image. 

'Silence' by Beata Goik ('Journey' series)

The image 'Silence' features a more prominent use of color. The  structures within the piece are less complex and this allows for bold colors that do not dominate. The use of color is still incredibly soft, even though an intense color is being used.


Thursday, May 19, 2011

In Flight: Tour of the U.S.

'In Flight' by Jina Wallwork

Open publication

This book will tour the United States as a part of 'The Fiction Project'.  'Facing Forward' is already on tour with 'The Sketchbook Project' and 'In Flight' will join that tour for the following dates. 

10th June 2011 - 12th June 2011
'The Sketchbook Project' & 'The Fiction Project' at
Form/Space Atelier www.formspaceatelier.com
2407 1st Avenue, Seattle WA, United States.

16th June 2011 - 18th June 2011
'The Sketchbook Project' & 'The Fiction Project' at
Madrone Studios www.madronestudios.com
1417 15th Street, San Francisco, CA United States.

14th July 2011 - 17th July 2011
'The Sketchbook Project' & 'The Fiction Project' at  
Hyde Park Arts Center www.hydeparkart.org
5020 S. Cornell Avenue Chicago, IL 60615, United States.

29th July 2011 - 31st July 2011
'The Sketchbook Project' & 'The Fiction Project' at
Full Sail University www.fullsail.edu
3300 University Boulevard, Winter Park, Florida 32792, 
United States.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Cells Divide

'Cells Divide' by Jina Wallwork

First there is the micro world; the smallest visible aspects can be seen through a perspective that can view the tiniest detail. Then there is the macro world, which is viewed through a broad perspective of all that can be seen. Beyond this is the perspective of what can be felt. How do we feel our world? This perspective reveals both less and more. It is capable of viewing all of existence and the smallest of details. It can feel when cells divide and it can feel existence as a whole. It is an act of seeing without eyes.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Thursday, May 5, 2011

After Mary Kelly

'After Mary Kelly' by Jina Wallwork
This is a drawing of a conceptual piece of artwork by Mary Kelly. The original photograph of a leather jacket is a part of the 'Interim' project. I enjoyed the act of turning a conceptual piece of artwork into a traditional realistic drawing. 

The image was created back in 2001 while at University. I was reminded of it recently after seeing the original in an exhibition of Mary Kelly's work at the Whitworth Gallery in Manchester.


Monday, May 2, 2011

Explosion of Sound

'Explosion of Sound' by Jina Wallwork

Suddenly, there is an explosion of sound. Birds fly from the tree tops, disrupted by the noise. Your heart thumps a little faster. The sound is a roar and within it you can see a tiger. It exists within the sound and it exists upon the ground. It has been captured within the ear but not within the sight.


'Medusa' by Jina Wallwork

This painting is based on 'Pieta' by Michelangelo. He could tame the hard properties of stone into something soft and beautiful. In Michelangelo's gaze anything could be turned to stone. In my painting the figure becomes 'Medusa' with an abstracted snake design around the structure of the face. This painting is an exploration of the connection between Michelangelo and stone.
'Pieta' by Michelangelo