Saturday, April 23, 2011

Look to the Sky

'Look to the Sky' by Jina Wallwork
For one moment, you believe that you can hold everything inside. You have spent days pretending that everything is fine; while fooling yourself that you cannot see the worry in another's face. Then within a phrase that casually leaves the lips, someone reveals that they may understand. They reach inside and run their fingers along the emotions that you are trying to ignore. The sensation is overwhelming and in a final attempt to hold back the tears, you look to the sky. You know that if you look to the floor, tears will roll along the surface of your cheeks. So you hold them at bay for a final second. 
Then you accept it and you embrace crying as if it is all you know how to do. There is space for you to cry and there is someone to catch your tears. They hold you while you let it all out and they only let go when you do.