Friday, April 1, 2011

Justice and Life's Purpose

Justice lecture 10 by Harvard University

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According to Aristotle, justice is matching your skills to the role. An objection was sighted that you could not choose roles for yourself. The question was asked, where is your freedom if you are placed in a position where you cannot choose your own life's purpose?

Aristotle recognized that you could not be coerced into a role because if you are forced, it is a sign that it is unnatural. So a life purpose is not being thrust upon you, it is being decided by your nature and abilities. The freedom to choose may seem diminished in that; I could not choose to be the world's greatest singer with a voice that offends the ears. However, isn't it the greatest of freedoms to be who you really are? Not to choose to become someone else and to posses their skills but to revel in your own. A life purpose based upon your nature would always be appropriate. If that's disappointing, then it's because you have forgotten the magic within your true nature. The only way to get it back is by drifting into roles that are not appropriate. Through attempting to be someone you're not; you discover the joy in being yourself.

Justice by Harvard University
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