Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Art of Fred Hatt

'Beth' by Fred Hatt

The work of Fred Hatt reveals a wonderful understanding of the line. At first glance you see the form within the image and then you begin to see the lines that construct every aspect. The images are not flat. Lines flow across the entire piece but each line is tailored to its location. Darker dominant lines create structure and form. The lighter lines merge to create a partial illusion of flat color. There is gesture and excitement within the mark making and yet these beautiful small scale abstraction merge together to create a realistic image. 
 'Cross Pollination' by Fred Hatt 

In the image 'Cross Pollination' you can see the urgency within the mark making but it also reveals the high level of skill. There is certainty, confidence and within a small number of lines form is depicted. There is an understanding of the body and an understanding of its movement.

'Jeremiah' by Fred Hatt

Within images like 'Jeremiah' something visually complex is occurring at the micro level across the entire image. I find these small gestures fascinating.