Monday, January 3, 2011

Free to Choose

Justice, Lecture 3 by Harvard University
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Here are my thoughts on the third lecture of justice by Harvard University.

This lecture begins by focusing on the distribution of wealth.
Earning money as an individual is something I consider to be an illusion. Every endeavor is supported by the history of whatever field you’re in. It is also supported by society’s infrastructure. Surely you must acknowledge the support you have received.

The lecture raises the question: is the taking of earnings in tax, forced labor? Is it slavery?
If a person makes money by great achievement, does it cease to be a great achievement if they are taxed? Can acclaim and success only be measured in money? I don’t believe it can. Some acts of success are financially worthless. An example is a drawing from a child that says you are ‘the world’s best dad’. It has no monetary value and yet it is the perfect sign that you are successful in one area of your life. Money doesn’t measure success with any real accuracy. Money can be taken away but success cannot be removed. I can’t remove an achievement from another person, no one can. The only thing that money can accurately measure is itself. Money cannot measure freedom.

Justice by Harvard University
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