Monday, January 31, 2011


“O! beware, my lord, of jealousy; It is the green-eyed monster which doth mock the meat it feeds on.”-William Shakespeare Othello
Does the object of my affection feel love from me? Can they see my feelings in my loving behavior or am I lashing out? Am I blaming them for a love that is painful in the hope that the love will die. If I push them to be cruel and unkind, will I no longer feel the pain of being without them? Am I asking them to take responsibility for my love? Am I asking them to destroy it? Am I finding faults in the person I love; faults that are not there? Am I hurting you because I do not wish to love someone who doesn’t love me? If I hurt you enough I know I will see the worst of you. I will hear you yell and scream, full of hatred and you will appear as someone that I am wrong to love. Although it will not change the feeling, it will only assist me in hiding it from myself.

“Though jealousy be produced by love, as ashes are by fire, yet jealousy extinguishes love as ashes smother the flame.”-Marguerite of Angouleme, Heptameron, The Fifth day
Jealousy is the feeling that encourages you to walk away from a painful situation. The pain starts to consume everything within your life. You watch them in their relationship and you believe that if you wait long enough, they will leave their lover to be with you. They don’t leave and you simply wait in pain. If they felt the same pain and anguish that comes from the distance between you, they would come to you. It would be so unbearable that they would feel compelled to make that decision. They are not in the same pain, you plead for them to move on, yet it is you that must do this. Jealousy is the feeling that tells you to move on. Explain how you feel so you have complete conformation that they do not want a relationship. This will hurt but in the future, you will not feel regret that you should have said something. Close the chapter and move on.

“Now they’re going to bed and my stomach is sick and it’s all in my head, but she’s touching his chest…I just can’t look its killing me and taking control.”- Mr Brightside by The Killers
With love you want someone to be happy, but watching or imagining their happiness becomes unbearable. It is in sharp contrast to the pain that you feel. It becomes near impossible to believe in other loves or a future without them. The future seems to hold more of the same and in many ways it seems as though they have stolen your possibilities for happiness. They are experiencing everything that you will never have. It becomes difficult to understand, how someone can be so happy when it causes you such misery. There isn’t a solution to this. You can try and destroy the love that you feel but it can’t be done. You cannot control the love that you feel and you can’t control the pain. You can control how you express this pain in the world. Allow yourself to feel this pain when you have time on your own. Eventually it will pass. It will not pass because, the love was wrong and you have conquered your feelings. You will reach a point where you’re exhausted and tired. You won’t have the energy to cry anymore and it will become easier. There will be relief and what comes after that is up to you. 
 “Jealousy is all the fun you think they had.”-Erica Jong How to save your own life
So you have created this notion that they exist in perfect bliss, with the happiness that they stole from you or you could imagine that life is terrible for them. Although the second will cause the problem that if you believe their relationship to be shaken, then you will wait in pain in the wings. Does it matter whether their relationship is good or bad? The state of their relationship is a question that will tear you apart. You are not a part of their relationship and the more you become involved; the more you will feel excluded.

“Jealousy would be far less torturous if we understood that love is a passion entirely unrelated to our merits.”-Paul Eldridge
We do not decide who to love. We have no list of requirements. We love people without explanation and we often, don’t fully understand the object of our affection. You can try prove you are worthy of someone’s love, but you cannot summon love to a relationship. Maybe it is rational for them to love you; maybe you are perfect in every way. Even if every rational sense they hold, tells them that you are perfection; they cannot make the decision to love you.

“Jealousy, that dragon which slays love under the pretense of keeping it alive.” -Henry Ellis
Jealousy brings out the worst aspects of our behavior. Through jealousy I must appear to be a hideous beast; an angry devastated creature that yells, ‘love me’ and then wonders why it is not understood.

“The jealous are troublesome to others, but a torment to themselves.”-William Penn
No one wants to remember a time when they experienced the pain of jealousy. They do not want to remember acting badly. They don’t want to remember the attention seeking behavior that became normality. They don’t want to remember that they struggled to let go. They don’t want to be reminded of the lingering regret, that they handled things so badly. They do not want to feel the painful embarrassment that comes with hindsight. They’ve all experienced it and they all try to forget it.

Then someone comes into their life who believes that they are perfection. At first they are flattered and they don’t take it seriously. Then it starts to become a problem. They won’t leave them alone and their attention seeking starts to cause problems. It is also making them uncomfortable. It reminds them of a time they behaved the same. It reminds them of a time they would chose to forget. As painful as it is, it would be good to remember. If we accepted how we behaved and the intensity of our feelings, we could show compassion to others who are experiencing a pain that we find so familiar.

“If it's just a little fling a simple thing, I’ll try not to pretend. If it's just for jealousy, she's using me
that might be hard to mend…Cause she keeps whispering your name. She keeps on whispering your name, like she's just waiting”-Whispering Your Name by Alison Moyet
It is impossible to make someone love you. You cannot create that powerful emotion in another. When some people realize this they attempt to create another emotion. They attempt to create jealousy even though this is also a powerful emotion. These emotions cannot be destroyed or created. They are a constant that exist as a dormant influence or an active presence. They choose to create this pain within the one they love in order to explain, ‘this is how you have made me feel and I want you to feel it so you can understand’. Although this pain isn’t created within the object of their affection; it’s created within the people they use in their attempt to create jealousy. They create the pain in the person they pretend to love. When all comes to light, they see the damage that they have caused and they are once again confronted with their original pain.

The Art of Yunia Lores

Yunia Lores creates artwork that is loaded with traditional symbolism. Her work is modern and exciting, with a great understanding of color and flesh.

Below is preview of her portfolio currently available on Blurb

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Justice and Kant

Justice lecture 6 by Harvard University

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Here are my thoughts on the 6th lecture of Justice by Harvard University.
 “A good will isn’t good because of what it effects or accomplishes, it’s good in itself. Even if by utmost effort the good will accomplishes nothing it would still shine like a jewel for its own sake as something which has its full value in itself.”- Immanuel Kant
You must always do what you believe is right because it is an act of being true to yourself. Through doing this you establish a personal connection to morality. Your actions will therefore contain conviction; this is one of the greatest aspects of duty. It is a myth that duty contains obligation. When you follow a course of action that feels unnatural, this is obligation. If it feels unnatural then you were not designed for the role.
“Act only on that maxim whereby you can at the same time will that it should become a universal law.”-Immanuel Kant
This is an act that reveals your own moral growth. Through behaving in a way that you would want others to behave, you are choosing to become an example and you are recognizing the kind of world you would live in, if everyone had your moral code. Do your personal morals contain a focus on the greater good? If everyone had your moral code would you be treated well in the new world that you inhabit? In many ways you exist within your own moral sphere and when you are alone, you need to be comfortable with yourself. Your inner world contains only your morals; it contains no circumstances that can influence those morals.

Justice by Harvard University
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One's Lost Self

“At the innermost core of all loneliness is a deep and powerful yearning for union with one's lost self.”- Brendan Francis
So many people compromise their behavior in order to fit in with those around them. If they do it often enough they start to believe they are someone else. They become a mirror to others, reflecting their ideas and thoughts and feelings. Something important is lost within the compromise and in moments of loneliness they are being pushed to remember what that is.

Saturday, January 22, 2011


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The art and writing are taken from the book, VISION by Jina Wallwork

Thursday, January 20, 2011

John Baldessari's Artwork Featuring Jina Wallwork Part 2

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My name has now appeared in lights as a part of John Baldessari's artwork, 'Your Name In Lights'. As I have already mentioned I also exhibited with John Baldessari recently at 'Postcards From The Edge'.

'Jina Wallwork' in lights
a still image from the live stream of the event.

John Baldessari interviewed by Sydney Festival TV about 'Your Name In Lights'. Below is a video of the lights being tested before their installation.

Justice and Empathy

Justice lecture 5 by Harvard University

Here are my thoughts on the 5th lecture of Justice by Harvard University.

This lecture raises questions of manipulation and choice. The examples discussed are joining the army and reproductive rights. I found myself asking how desperate I would need to be, to join the army or be a surrogate mother. I’m not sure who I would be, if I could see desperation in another and viewed it as an opportunity for myself. I imagine that you would have to convince yourself that it was their choice or you would need to believe that you are more important and special. You certainly wouldn’t be capable of the gift of empathy, if you took advantage of another at their lowest point.

Justice by Harvard University
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Thursday, January 13, 2011

John Baldessari's Artwork Featuring Jina Wallwork

John Baldessari's latest piece of artwork is based on Andy Warhol's idea that everyone will experience 15 minutes of fame. 'Your Name In Lights' will screen names across the Australian Museum in Sydney. My name will be one of those that will be up in lights for 15 seconds. I feel excited about becoming someone's art for a moment and I recently exhibited with John Baldessari at Postcards from the edge. My name will appear on Thursday 20th January 10:26:20 pm (If your in Sydney). There is a live stream of the event on the following web pages.

 "Raised Eyebrows/ Furrowed Foreheads" by John Baldessari

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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Justice and John Locke

Justice lecture 4 by Harvard University

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Here are my thoughts on the 4th lecture of Justice by Harvard University.

“For men, being all the workmanship of one omnipotent, and infinitely wise maker, they are his property, whose workmanship they are, made to last during his, not one another’s pleasure.”- John Locke

Am I God’s property? I don’t believe I am. I believe that God can create anything including a free man. To be able to create us with freedom shows that God is wise. If we had been created by a being without wisdom, they may have created servants or property.

“One may destroy a man who makes war upon him… for the same reason that he may kill a wolf or a lion; because such men… have no other rule, but that of force and violence, and so may be treated as beasts of prey, those dangerous and noxious creatures, that will be sure to destroy him, whenever he falls into their power.”- John Locke

If you understand a lion or a wolf it becomes unnecessary to kill them. They are still dangerous beasts yet you have learned how to alter your behavior to their presence. When a lion attacks, I do not behave like a lion and attack in return. There must be better ways to share a world with dangerous people.

Justice by Harvard University
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Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Exhibiting With Jeff Koons and Yoko Ono

'I Can't See You Anymore' by Jina Wallwork

The above piece will be exhibited at the Visual AIDS benefit, 'Postcards from the Edge', CRG Gallery, 548 West 22nd Street, New York, NY 10011, United States. 7th - 9th January 2011. 

Other artists exhibiting include John Baldessari, Ross Bleckner, Louise Fishman, Ann Hamilton, Mary Heilmann, Jeff Koons, Glenn Ligon, Marilyn Minter, Yoko Ono, David Reed, John Waters and many more. For more information on the exhibition click After the exhibition is over, a full list of exhibiting artists will still be available here.  

Monday, January 3, 2011

Free to Choose

Justice, Lecture 3 by Harvard University
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Here are my thoughts on the third lecture of justice by Harvard University.

This lecture begins by focusing on the distribution of wealth.
Earning money as an individual is something I consider to be an illusion. Every endeavor is supported by the history of whatever field you’re in. It is also supported by society’s infrastructure. Surely you must acknowledge the support you have received.

The lecture raises the question: is the taking of earnings in tax, forced labor? Is it slavery?
If a person makes money by great achievement, does it cease to be a great achievement if they are taxed? Can acclaim and success only be measured in money? I don’t believe it can. Some acts of success are financially worthless. An example is a drawing from a child that says you are ‘the world’s best dad’. It has no monetary value and yet it is the perfect sign that you are successful in one area of your life. Money doesn’t measure success with any real accuracy. Money can be taken away but success cannot be removed. I can’t remove an achievement from another person, no one can. The only thing that money can accurately measure is itself. Money cannot measure freedom.

Justice by Harvard University
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