Monday, November 22, 2010

Artist Portrait Series

'Ernst Barlach' by Jina Wallwork

The image above is from The Artist Portrait Series . The purpose of this series is to attempt to capture the essence of each artists. I have a great interest in the nature of the aura and I have tried to capture the aura of the artist within each piece. Their artwork is an expression of who they are and through it you can see their true self. It seems impossible to stop an artists energy from existing within their work.

Aura Photograph of Jina Wallwork

I had my aura photographed yesterday. I include it as a loose idea of what auras look like.

The Artist Portrait Series will be exhibited at the '5th Annual ATC Exhibition' The Richmond Art Gallery, 7700 Minoru Gate, Richmond, BC, V6Y 1R9, Canada. November 26th 2010- January 22nd 2011.