Monday, October 11, 2010

Deviation from the truth

"Even the tiniest initial deviation from the truth is subsequently multiplied a thousandfold."-Aristotle

Telling the truth isn't always easy. People cannot easily identify the truth. When a truth consists of information they expect to hear, telling the truth is easy. You are automatically understood, because you are simply confirming the knowledge that is already present. When you move away from the expectations of others, your truth becomes difficult to understand. You may not be understood or you may be thought to be a liar. The truth can make the present difficult, because it pushes away the people who cannot connect to your truth. However, the truth always creates a beautiful future because it creates a life where you are surrounded by people who understand you. When you tell a lie the reverse is true; the present is comfortable and it is held together by the lie. The future brings turmoil. The lie simply delays the disruption of entering a better life; a life that is reflective of who you really are.