Monday, September 27, 2010

The Art of Chris Sedgwick

'Spirit; Will; Form; Conscious' by Chris Sedgwick

The three pyramids at the bottom of the image, speak of a past civilization. The robes connect to a different spiritual culture. The use of Latin in the image creates another historical time frame. All different times and cultures, appear to merge together in the image. They create an image with a non linear narrative. It encourages me to form an internal narrative. The image is loaded in symbols and I already connect to these symbols, because they reference the history of humanity. What Chris Sedgwick has created is an image that is timeless, classic and very beautiful.

Your Path

"Look at every path closely and deliberately, then ask ourselves this crucial question: Does this path have a heart? If it does, then the path is good. if it doesn't, it is of no use."-Carlos Castaneda
You can tell if a path has a heart. It isn't a question of loving what you do, some days the challenges will feel large and some days everything will flow easily. All paths contain a variety of emotion. You will know your path has a heart when you fully claim it as your own. When you recognize that the path you walk is a reflection of who you are; When you recognize that it is perfectly tailored to provide all the lessons you will ever need. You are the heart of the path you travel; you are the heart of the life you live.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Seeds of Wisdom

"The wise are wise only because they love."-Paulo Coelho
Everything we learn, stems from our ability to love. When we are hurt by another, it is our love that drives us to understand why. It is love that raises the question, how are they suffering? How have I contributed to this problem? What could I have done to improve the situation? All of these questions come from love. They come from the ability to love those who have hurt us. Love teaches us wisdom, because love and compassion plant the seed of wisdom. Love leads you to ask the greatest questions and through this, you discover a higher understanding.

To View the Blue Horses

'To View the Blue Horses' by Jina Wallwork (influenced by Franz Marc)

I can remember the first time I saw, 'The Large Blue Horses' by Franz Marc. It was the first image of his work that I was ever exposed to. The occasion is imprinted in my mind. I can remember where I was and who I was with. It was a significant moment for me. This image captures that moment. I don't believe that I simply viewed the work. Franz Marc became an influence and this was not conscious decision. If I had only viewed the work, I would not have established a true connection. I had interacted with the piece; we had shared a non verbal conversation through painting. What I had learned in the conversation shaped how I would communicate in my own art. My language contains elements of Franz Marc's. I am a firm believer of reincarnation and I would love Franz Marc to see my paintings when he returns. He would not remember painting the original piece, and this would not be important to me. I would like Franz Marc to see my work in order to continue the non verbal conversation; show him my response to his initial expression. It is possible to understand something visually that you cannot see as a tangible reality. You could know that a conversation is taking place without ever speaking during a life. A visual conversation with someone I admire.

'The Large Blue Horses' by Franz Marc

'To View the Blue Horses' by Jina Wallwork, is one of the images on show during the 'Liverpool Abstract' exhibition. 23rd September- 10th Oct 2010 The Gallery, Clayton Square Shopping Centre, Liverpool L1 1QR, United Kingdom.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A Diet of Forgiveness

"Forgiveness is like a rough diet with no payback--you won't like it until it's over"-Caroline Myss
I've reached a point in my life where I have embraced a healthy lifestyle. You remove the concept of dieting and replace it with a complete way of life that is healthy. Viewing forgiveness as a diet makes sense. We sometimes think it's enough to lose weight or say you have forgiven another, both of these methods are temporary fixes. Being healthy cannot be achieved by a two week crash diet; Forgiveness cannot be achieved by a declaration within a single conversation. A healthy lifestyle is not a diet and true forgiveness is also a lifestyle. Forgiveness is something that must be achieved on a day to day bases. If forgiveness cannot become a part of your lifestyle, then you risk spending each day punishing those around you. Forgiveness is a part of a healthy lifestyle.

Water Fight

 Water Fight by Jina Wallwork

The painting above depicts an elephant water fight. The abstraction reveals many different perspectives. The trunk aims the water at the viewer as if they occupy the position of another elephant. The other elephant can also be seen in the background with it's trunk facing down. The viewer becomes a part of the water fight. They are placed between two elephants and they are about to get wet.

This is one of the images on show during the 'Liverpool Abstract' exhibition. 23rd September- 10th Oct 2010 The Gallery, Clayton Square Shopping Centre, Liverpool L1 1QR, United Kingdom.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Club by Joyce Polance

Club by Joyce Polance

"My current series of paintings is about women's personal transformations and healing. I depict subjects who are in various states of emergence from patterns that have had a negative impact on their lives."-Joyce Polance

The effect of this piece is immediate.  An intense anger that cannot be expressed in a real world situation, becomes a painting that captures those feelings. This painting has become a part of the healing process because it is expressing emotions that the subject cannot express. The realistic style allows the subject to see their anger expressed in the world without anyone being injured. Many artists use their work to express how they feel. In this piece Joyce Polance has manged to express the feelings of someone else. It is an act of great empathy that aids the healing process.

Finding Truth

"Lie not, neither to thyself nor men nor God. Let mouth and heart be one — beat and speak together, and make both felt in action. It is for cowards to lie."-George Herbert

Many people lie because of fear.When we are honest and speak the truth, people walk away and others come towards us. People lie because they fear that the people they love will walk away, and they will be left with nothing. They pretend to be belong in relationships that are alien to them. They portray a character that is accepted and they say words that they do not fully understand. The impostor doesn't know how to belong. They know how to pretend, but they do not have the courage to be themselves. Through being honest they would discover where they belong. They must believe a lot of negative things about themselves, to fear finding their place in the world. They may not trust that such a place exists, with courage they would know truth.