Friday, July 30, 2010

Nude II by Sara Zin

'Nude II' by Sara Zin

The most beautiful thing about this image is the mix between realism and slight pieces of abstraction. The geometric shapes within the composition reveal a glimpse of the basic structure of a body. Form is separated into colored shapes and this doesn't distort the image. The painting is still realistic, the shape of the hands reveal the delicate grip. The human body is reduced to a series of shapes, but these shapes are already there. They exist within the detail and Sara Zin is making them clearer. She is showing us the basic structure of beauty. We can see that it is a series of shapes and it reveals the same amount of information as an actual body. We do not know who they are; we don't know how they feel and what they think. It raises questions of identity because it questions how much our body represents our true self.